If you’ve eaten butter before, then you know for a fact that its velvety texture and creamy taste is hard to beat. You also know that butter has gotten a bum rap with talk of it being unhealthy and full of cholesterol as well as saturated fat. While most of this is true, the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in butter, particularly what you actually ingest, can be somewhat insignificant in terms of health and your wellbeing.

There are many articles and studies that tell you to avoid butter, but should you really? Here are some things to consider when you eat butter and why we think it is a good idea for you to continue consuming the stuff:

It has nutrients that can help stop tooth decay – aside from the fact that butter is made from milk (which has calcium which helps strengthen bones and teeth), it also has a nutrient called Vitamin K2, which is said to help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. It is also a nutrient that might help with rheumatoid arthritis, arterial calcification, and even certain cancers.

Helps keep your tummy healthy – believe it or not, butter has components in it that help protect your tummy and intestines from infections. Called glycosphingolipids, these are a type of fat that coats the inside of your tummy and intestine, protecting it from gastrointestinal infections. The cholesterol in butter also helps maintain intestinal wall integrity, keeping the cells there strong and healthy.

Is an immunity booster – contrary to popular belief that butter is unhealthy and can cause health problems, it is actually the opposite. It helps boost your immune system because of its antimicrobial qualities. The medium and short chain fatty acids in butter are known to help kill harmful bacteria and to even prevent certain types of tumors. Lauric fatty acid, which can only be found in butter and coconut oil, is said to effectively combat certain viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

It can help you lose weight – yes, you read that right. While people may tell you that eating butter will make you gain weight, the opposite is actually true. What makes people gain weight is excess carbohydrates and sugar. Since butter has virtually no carbs and no sugar in it, it won’t make you gain weight when taken alone or in a low-carb diet. It is also a type of food that your body absorbs immediately and converts into energy, which means it won’t spend time stuck in your system long enough to make you gain weight.

It helps with thyroid health – also worth noting is that butter actually has iodine in it that helps maintain a healthy thyroid. Since butter is easily absorbed by the body and it has a healthy dose of iodine in it, it can help with thyroid gland function. This is another reason why butter helps a person lose weight. The iodine content in it helps regulate hormones, which in turn helps with a person’s metabolism.

Helps reduce cravings – the richness of butter and its flavor, not to mention its components and nutrients help satisfy the body. This satiety leads to the reduction and even elimination of cravings, making it easier to control your intake of foods, particularly rich and sweet foods that can cause you to gain weight.