Baketech Solutions is a privately held Filipino owned company that has been around for years, developing, fabricating, distributing, and manufacturing high-quality food and bakery equipment and machines. These products are made not just with a commitment to quality, but also with the purpose of providing entrepreneurs with the kind of world-class equipment that will help in the development and progress of small and medium scale business in the country.

These locally manufactured, high-quality products that Baketech Solutions designs, fabricates, builds, and sells help businesses by providing them with cost-effective equipment that can easily rival similar equipment made abroad, without the hefty price tags that these usually have. This is because we believe that the Filipino entrepreneur should not be held back from achieving their goals of having a successful business due to the high cost of equipment that they need.


With our understanding of our customers’ needs, and our dedication to bringing forward the innovative and enterprising spirit of Filipino Entrepreneurs, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses in the country. Our services include not only the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of these world-class equipment, but also the customization of specific equipment that each business needs. We also hold seminars and training sessions for those who wish to learn more about baking, food preparation, and how to run a food business.

We have been working with numerous companies that have stayed with us through the years, ordering and using our products for their businesses day-in and day-out. From commercial food equipment, to stainless steel kitchen equipment, to bakery equipment, our clients trust us with their equipment needs. From hotels to restaurants to bakeshops to culinary academies, we produce only the highest quality equipment for their needs.

Baketech Solutions corporate headquarters and showroom is located at No. 1260 Tayuman Street, Sta. Cruz Manila. We also have branches in Isabela, Davao, and in Pangasinan, and will soon be putting up branches and outlets in more locations all over the country. Visit us today at our showroom, or if you would like to know more about what we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page or to call the branch near you.


Our mission is to provide cost elective world-class quality food and bakery equipment and machines to help Filipino entrepreneurs grow their business.

Alongside our commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, people, integrity, performance, and service, we continue to be led by our core values to achieve sustainable success.