Baketech Solutions Seminars and Events

We believe in offering our customers the kind of service that they won’t find elsewhere. This is why, aside from providing you with high-quality baking equipment, stainless steel kitchen equipment, and commercial food equipment, we make it a point to provide you with continued learning. We offer free basic baking seminars, advanced baking seminars for a minimal fee, and many more.


Our free basic baking module consists of lessons that teach you how to create some of the most basic breads that Fil

ipinos love. These include such staples as pan de sal, ensaymada, pan de coco, Spanish bread, cheese bread, and cheese roll. You get to learn the tricks that most expert bakers use to create fail-proof breads that are sure to be a hit with your own customers. You also get to learn these things from some of the most prolific bakers in the country, some of which only teach at our learning center.

To avail of a free spot on one of our Basic Baking Seminar dates, simply follow the rules and wait for confirmation of your spot. Your name will also be posted on our Facebook Page once you have been confirmed as one of the participants. Schedules for each month will be announced on our FB page and here on the site a week or two before the said seminar is to commence.

Please check out our Facebook Page for updates and schedules for our 2019-2020 Free Basic Baking 101 Seminars. We will also be holding Advanced Baking Seminars within the coming year, so please do look out for our schedules for these as well.