If you are thinking of opening up a food business, or are already running one but want to upgrade your equipment, you will want to find the best possible equipment for it. Where do you get the equipment you want and need for this purpose? There are many places where you can find what you require, and here are some of the avenues you can try:

Facebook – yes, everyone is on Facebook, and apparently, so are the manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. The FB pages of these companies usually carry pictures of their products on them, special offers they may have, and other information that may be useful to their customers. You can also ask the administrators of these pages questions about the products the company produces, if they can customize, and other things you want to learn about the company.

World Wide Web – just like Facebook, almost all businesses are now online and now have a website. These companies can be searched on Google with the use of terms that they feel their customers will use to find them, and these can include the many different kinds of equipment that they sell as well as the terms people often use for these like “kitchen equipment” or “stainless steel equipment” or “commercial kitchen equipment”.

Through Referrals – you can actually ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know of any kitchen equipment store they can recommend to you. You can also ask restaurants you eat at what equipment they use in the kitchen and who their supplier is. If you are planning on putting up a bakeshop or a café, you can ask the bakeries or cafés that you see around you where they bought their equipment as well. Not all of them may be receptive to you and will answer your questions, but there are bound to be a few who will.

By Going to Manufacturing Locales – there are some places in your specific city or town that people go to when they look for specific items that they need. For example, when people need electronics and parts for electronic items, they go to Quiapo, if they need clothing, accessories, and textiles that are cheap, they go to Divisoria. Go to where most of the equipment manufacturers have their stores and ask around. You can also look around to see which stores sell the kind of equipment that you need.

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