Even though stainless steel kitchen equipment are considered durable, rust-proof, and tarnish-resistant, not taking care of these will actually open these up to damage and deterioration. You can keep your stainless steel kitchen equipment from deteriorating by making sure that take good care of these, and by ensuring that you keep these clean day in and day out.

It is also imperative that you keep a very clean kitchen from start of day till the time you close, and not just for equipment maintenance but also for health reasons and for compliance. To keep stainless steel prep tables, stainless steel shelves, and other stainless steel equipment in your kitchen clean and away from damage, here are some things you should do:

Routine cleaning – when you say routine cleaning, this means cleaning on a regular basis, like once when you open in the morning, and before closing at night. This will require cleaning agents like dishwashing soap, ammonia, disinfectants, clean water, and sponges. You will also need clean rags or pieces of cloth to wipe down these stainless steel kitchen equipment after washing.

Grease removal – sometimes stubborn grease and grime stick to stainless steel stoves and ovens, and will require more than just soap and water to clean off. One mistake people make when they try to remove grease and grime from their stainless steel stoves and ovens is they use a scouring pad without realizing that this can actually damage the surface of the metal.

All you need to remove grease and oily dirt from your stainless steel equipment is some hot water, strong dishwashing detergent, some elbow grease, and some rags. Hot water melts and softens the grease, strong dishwashing detergent ( the kind that say they can strip grease away), and careful scrubbing with soft rags can help get this job done.

Always wash and dry – when cleaning your stainless steel equipment with the use of water and detergents, make sure that after you have finished washing that you wipe the surface of your equipment dry. Do not leave any droplets of water or moisture on it since this will leave streaks and stains that are unsightly and can sometimes be difficult to remove when left to dry on its own.

Never use rough and sharp cleaning materials – while stainless steel is indeed tarnish and rust proof, it is not scratch proof. Using scouring materials on it will leave scars on the metal, which will look very ugly over time. Use only soft cloths for cleaning and always use a cutting board on it when cutting stuff on the stainless steel tables and surfaces.