Opening a restaurant requires more than to just buy tables, chairs, plates, and the like. It also requires more than hiring your chef, waiters, and kitchen staff. It actually begins with planning what equipment to get for food preparation, and this means putting together a list of essential kitchen equipment for your business.

Putting together a list of equipment is pretty difficult, if you think about it, because you may end up buying more than what you actually need. Not only will you end up spending more, but you will also be taking up space in your kitchen for something you will not be using (or not using yet). This is why it is important that you get only the equipment your kitchen will need immediately when you start up, and to just add on as soon as the need arises.

Here is a list of the kitchen essentials you should get when you start a restaurant:

Prep Tables – before anything can be cooked, the ingredients for these dishes have to be prepped. This is where prep tables come in. Prep tables are usually made out of stainless steel, and come with flat, shiny surfaces that can be used for many things, like kneading dough, rolling out pastry, and the like. You can also place your chopping board on top of such a prep table and cut up your ingredients on this.

Refrigeration equipment – while it is ideal that restaurants buy their ingredients fresh on a daily basis, there will be times when some ingredients do not get used on the same day and will need to be stored in a cool place to help retain its freshness. This is where your refrigeration equipment come in handy. When ingredients that do not get used the same day they were bought are refrigerated or frozen, these can be used the next day or the day after that since these equipment help protect these from spoilage and from bacterial growth.

Cooking equipment – of course, how can you serve food in your restaurant if you do not have the cooking equipment you need? The most basic cooking equipment you need are stoves and ovens. You may also include a flat-top cooker and a deep fryer, if your menu has items that use these. Other cooking equipment that can be bought at a later date are those that have cooking methods can be replicated on the stove or in an oven. Panini makers, electric grills, and the like, have cooking methods that can be replicated on the stove or in the oven, so these may be purchased when you have extra for these in the future.

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