A great baker’s secret weapons are precision, patience and most importantly, a well-stocked baking pantry. Baking is actually therapeutic for some people, and can calm an overly busy mind. This is due to the fact that the process of baking, such as following step by step instructions, using the precise measurements of ingredients and waiting patiently until the baking is done, is soothing due to the pattern that you need to follow.

In order for you to be able to harness the therapeutic powers of baking whenever you need to, your pantry should hold all the regular ingredients required for any of the recipes you may want to try.

Here are the pantry basics and staples a baker should always have in his baking arsenal:

Flour – Flour is the baking workhorse amongst your baking ingredients. Baking is not complete without flour because this is the building block of baked goods. There are different types of flour ideal for different baked goods. Having a variety in stock is recommended so you can choose the ideal type of flour needed for the dough you want to create. Make sure you have the common types of flour in stock like bread flour, cake flour, and all-purpose flour.

Sugar – Sugar is an essential baking pantry staple. Recipes call for different types of sugars depending on the taste you want to achieve. Make sure you have brown sugar, white sugar, caster sugar, and confectioner’s sugar ready in case you need to make icing sugar, caramel or for adding sweetness to your dough.

Butter – Butter is an extremely versatile baking ingredient. With butter always in your baking arsenal, you will never run out of options for serving up delicious sweet baked goodies at any time.  Butter perfectly blends with sugar to make caramel sauce, and it is also used to grease pots or baking pans. Also, mixing butter with crumbs will help you make easy pie crusts.

Eggs – Eggs are also in the must-have list of baking ingredients, and is used as a binder for your baked items. These are also used for brushing the top of your dough to give bread a delicious, golden colour on top.

Baking powder, soda and yeast – These are leavening agents and are needed when baking breads, cookies and cakes. These are essential to your list of ingredients in a baking pantry because they make your baked goods rise.

Chocolate – Who doesn’t love chocolate? This comfort food not only produces happy hormones when eaten but is also a delicious addition to any baking recipe. It is a versatile ingredient you can use on your baked goods and it will surely make them more delicious.